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Our fascination with celebrity: Is it really about the music anymore?

Last week I went to see Peter Andre at Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre, not because I love his music, but because I wanted to say that I’ve seen Peter Andre in concert. After following his break up with Katie Price in the media I had grown fond of him, often claiming that I was supporting ‘Team Andre’!

Having said that, the concert was fantastic as he really did make the stage his own, getting the crowd dancing and singing along…especially to his oldies. I even have to confess I bought his album on Itunes the following day. However, it was the brand of Peter Andre that I, and hundreds of others, had initially been intrigued by.

The crowds were full of girls wearing t-shirts stating ‘Team Andre’ and everyone went crazy when he sang ‘Unconditional’ devoting it to his three beautiful children. Displayed at the back of the stage were photos of him with Princess and Junior and an extremely emotional moment when he sang in the last chorus that it was Harvey who had changed his life. Allegedly, Katie Price has stopped him from using footage of Harvey, who he thinks of as a son, so this was his way of including him. Yes, I know this because I, like many others, are addicted to watching shows like ‘What Katie did next’. I have watched the Sky news interview where he broke down in tears and stopped the questioning due to the interviewer suggesting he might not be able to see his children. It is obvious to all that Peter Andre’s children mean everything to him. 

However, although I know so much about the star, I had only ever heard a couple of his songs before, the obvious being ‘Mysterious girl’. Yet I still went to his music concert?

Another sign that the notion of celebrity is key to being a successful musician was that the crowds were perhaps not as lively for new girl band G2L even though they were actually pretty good (maybe give it a few years girls). The crowd warmed up when Xfactor live finalist Laura White performed as they knew a bit more about her. Then the level went up again when Pete’s DJ Brother took to the stage who has been seen on Katie and Peter’s realtiy TV shows. Eventually the crowd was roaring when Peter appeared on stage to sing Behind Closed Doors. 

So what is it about the idea of celebrity that we are all so interested in? It’s not just Peter Andre that this applies to but to all celebrities. I love watching Cheryll Cole’s music videos but mainly to see what she is wearing! And when she performed on the Brits everyone was asking whether she would sing anything that would hint to the state of her relationship with Ashley. Don’t get me wrong, I love her music, but is it just because of her high media attention that she’s so successful? 

And, why is it that even when a singer stops singing, Kerry Katona for example, everyone still knows what is happening in their life?

Pete Paphides writes an interesting article about branding in music. Check out Sugarbabes… a band or brand?

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Review: X Factor Live at Wembley Arena

Photos captured by Caitlin King

My boyfriend eventually received his Christmas present last weekend. Yes, I had bought him, well us, tickets to X Factor Live show at Wembley Arena. Like millions of Brits, we had spent our Autumn Saturday evenings watching the X Factor. I was supporting the winner and lovable geordie, Joe McElderry, whilst he was supporting Essex boy runner-up Olly Murs. As this year’s X Factor had been bigger than ever, I had to get hold of tickets to see the contestants live…

Lloyd Daniels opened the show making all the teenage girls go crazy and was followed by the other finalists who took it in turns to take to the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Presenter Jeff Brazier got the crowd lively throughout the concert by praising them for being the best crowd and starting off a mexican wave around the Arena. Contestants also had a brief interview with him. Joe thanked the crowd for voting  him to be the winner. My favourite interview was when second runner-up Stacey, known for her ‘dippyness’, giggled ”This is so amazing, I was never even chosen for the school play!’

Olly- Twist and Shout

My boyfriend absolutely loved it when Olly came on and even tried to imitate his unique dance style. Tried definitely being the right word to use! But Olly really did have a way with the crowd as he worked the stage with ‘Twist and Shout’  and ‘Fool in Love’. It must have been such a close call between him and Joe for winner.

Jedward- Ghostbusters

However, it was cheeky twins Jedward that the crowd really went crazy for as they ran, jumped, flew through the air and, just about, sang and danced! Their performance of ‘Ghostbusters’ was so theatrical with a massive blow up ghost on the stage and the boys pretending to destroy it with water pistols…you’ve got to love them, haven’t you?

Stacey Solomon- Who wants to live forever

There were also stunning performances from Stacey and Lucie and a particularly moving moment when Danyl began playing the piano and singing ‘I’ll get by with a little help from my friends’.

He was joined by Jamie and Olly as the chorus kicked in. What a fantastic experience these, once ordinary, people are sharing together.

Joe- The Climb

The best act was saved until last as Joe came on for the last half an hour of the second half. He appeared on the spotlit stage in the centre of the arena, was lifted into the air and flew to the main stage singing his debut single ‘The Climb’. He sang favourites such as ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’ and ‘Don’t stop believing’. He has such a beautiful voice and really did deserve his title as the winner.

You are not alone

The concert finished with all the finalists on stage singing their number one charity single You are not alone. It was an amazing night proving how true stars can be found in talent show contests. I wish them all luck in their future careers.

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