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Website analysis: Max Clifford’s successfully simple website

Max Clifford's Successfully Simple Website

From first impressions Max Clifford’s website has a simple and perhaps slightly plain design, yet its layout means it is easy to use and navigate around as well as appearing professional.


When searching for ‘Max Clifford’ the website is the first result on all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. Also, when Max Clifford’s clients are searched with regards to PR the website tops the search engines, for instance, it is the first result when searching ‘Simon Cowell PR’ on google.


The minimalist theme of the website is clearly noticeable from the moment the user enters it. The home page is bare with very little information displayed on a white background.  There is a navigation bar across the top of the home page with 9 options for the user to choose from. The simplicity is continued with a blue and grey colour scheme used rather than bright colours. Underneath the navigation bar  is another panel with a small black and white picture of Max Clifford in the left hand corner, a box with a flashing testimonials in the right corner and in between these is a one sentence statement summarising him:

‘Max Clifford has been in the business of public relations, protecting and promoting a wide variety of clients for well over 40 years’.

These features appear on each page throughout the website as well as contact details for his company Max Clifford Associates along the bottom of the website.

User Generated Content

Contacting the company would appear to be an important aim of the website as dominating the home page is a newspaper with a caption ‘click here to tell us your story’. The image flashes breaking news headlines and attracts users due to it being bold and in colour which is unconventional for the website. Gaining user generated content benefits Max Clifford Associates Limited as they can receive free stories.


Although there is little information on each page the website includes many hyperlinks to where information can be found. On both the MCA staff page and Case Study page photos are shown with a panel of  hyperlinked names directly to the right of them. This means that the pages aren’t cluttered  and overloaded with information about each person or MCA’s clients but instead a separate page about each of them can be navigated to.

Navigation to other sites associated with Max Clifford’s work can also be found on his website. Under the page named ‘News’ there is a link to his monthly column at Surrey Life Magazine. This use of Hyperlinks helps traffic to be directed to the website and also its searchability.


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My favourite ways to browse the web!

Here is a selection of my top 5 websites that I use regularly and rate:



Itunes– Music singles, music videos, film rentals, iphone apps… I am constantly browsing this website and especially as I can access it easily on my iphone.

Facebook- Whilst at University this social networking site allows me to keep in contact with friends and family at home…as well as distracting me from my studies!

River Island– My favourite high street fashion store online…You can have a look for ideas before going into town.

BBC Iplayer– Watch TV programmes and films that have been on the BBC in the last month… and you don’t need to worry about remembering to record them!

Linkedin– It’s not what you know but who you know! This website is great for networking with professionals. A CV like profile can be created and groups can be joined to meet new people in your field of work.

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